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Specialist Teaching, Assessment, Remediation  

STAR Learning


STAR Learning is dedicated to helping children with specific learning difficulties (SpLD).


I am a specialist teacher, assessor and mother of three children.  I also have first-hand experience of being a parent of a child with specific learning difficulties and of the emotional impact these can have on a child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. I can empathise with parents’ concerns both at school and home.

In a professional teaching career spanning two decades my work has become increasingly focused on children with specific learning difficulties. Initially I was a class teacher and taught in both the state and private sector. I have always had a special interest in literacy and the acquisition of reading and writing. Postgraduate training has enabled me to work as a specialist teacher and assessor for learners with dyslexia/specific learning difficulties both in school and independently.

I regularly attend courses, seminars, lectures and webinars to ensure that I am current in the field of SpLD.


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